Friday, July 3, 2009

tragic death

i sleep too much during this holiday,
and i do dream when i sleep,
i dream of my old friends,my old enemies,my old fear,my past,
but once i wake up from my dream,
i feel pain in my chest,
and im thinking about death,
if you could choose how you would end your life,
how would it be?
die alone on the bed or die when you're with your friends,
you choose to die due to heart attack,or just collapse and die that instant?

well,if i could choose how i would die,
if i were meant to be dead around my age right now,
i would choose to be dead due to heart failure when i'm around my friends,

and i were meant to be dead when im old,
i choose to be dead in peace alone on my bed,
cause i assume when i was old,i have achieved everything i could,
so be dead peacefully will be the best dead,

err,is this count as a pray?
i don't really want to die,
there's a lot of thing to do,
i do hope i live long enough for me to achieve something i want

1 comment:

  1. i prefer die alone,
    no matter, on bed,by beach(haha)..
    as long as its a place where ppl commonly die..